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President's Report 2015

The last year has been very active with the Club Rules needing to be updated requiring a Special Meeting last November as a follow on from the AGM, which I thank, the members for attending.

Gaye Mason and Michael Fisher spent many hours going through our existing rules and the consumer affairs update. We had to do this to comply with the new act from consumer affairs.

Another more visible change was the completion of the internal renovations, which Peter and Michael over saw with the external contractor over 4 weeks. As you would know renovations are not easy. 

I am pleased to announce that Tennis Victoria has given us a big tick for the way we operate in terms of the competitions we run, our social activities bringing people into the club and the way we have embraced our community, again going all out to ensure that this terrific resource can be enjoyed by the wider community, without inconveniencing our members. We have been told that we rank 12th on these measures out of 1500 clubs in Victoria. Not bad for a club with only 2 courts. 

Experience over the past couple of years saw us change the way we deal with membership fees which was cumbersome and often problematic. Now not surprisingly we are largely using email to send out fee notices but we are mindful that some people don’t feel comfortable with email, so we do mail to those who don’t have an email address. We send out the first notice on the 1st of July and send 2 reminders if they have not paid by the cut off point which is normally 60 days. This gives people lots of time to get round to paying.   Let me assure you we give people lots of opportunity in this busy age to let us know whether they want to remain a member of the club.
As of today, we have a senior membership of 360 and a junior list of 100, plus 80 social members who have Fobs allowing use of the club but no playing rights. There are 130 senior people on the waiting list and 90 juniors. By size we must be as busy as the MCC and South Yarra.  We are able to offer 44 places this year, a large number of which are young players who have turned 18 and can become seniors. This is exciting because we are growing the future of the club through our youth.
I wish to report on the success of Saturday morning coaching. As part of community service we subsidize coaching. Regularly we have 80 children from 8am to mid-day. From these juniors many are going on to play pennant at many clubs and school competitions. We also provide coaching for the Albert Park College at no cost for the courts. This occurs on a term booking basis and we also invite local primary schools to send along 2 students for free coaching. The committee monitors this.

We have fielded numerous teams in various competitions throughout the past year. Our Ladies and Men’s teams are to be congratulated on a fine effort last season the Ladies Di Barker, Julie Samson, Joy Bandy and Captain Anna Hunt won their Bayside Mid week Ladies pennant. Please stand if you are here. The men’s team – Allan Attwood, Nostis Bobolas, Nick Hinneberg Captain and Neale Jolly faced new challenges playing in the high-standard Tennis Victoria completion and I am delighted to say they played extraordinarily well and made the finals. Other players supported both teams.
The Club championships had only men competing and it was well organized by Dennis Klapas, thanks Dennis. Neale Jolly won the singles and with Ben Potter won the doubles. Next year we plan to make the tournament more inviting for Ladies. 
As noted by the treasurer we are in the black. This will allow for necessary future capital expenditure like resurfacing the court surface. We have been liaising with the company that laid down the new surface in 2008. We anticipate that they will need to be redone in five years time. The cost would be around $90,000 and we have that provided for. Extra revenue continues to be raised with two film shoots that have happened during the year as well as the hire of courts to the local community.
The inquiries to hire courts and membership all come from our website and my mobile number is on the site for the general inquiries. We are slow to update at times but as I said it does benefit the club. We have recently organized an update of the site content. 
I would like to thank Ron Hall personally for conducting a review of the accounts. As an ex treasurer he knows what to look for I hope he didn’t give Jamie a hard time. Thanks Ron.

I compliment our coach Nicole Bruce-Smith for her continued support not only as a fine coach in general but for running the Saturday Junior coaching, the Junior Championships over 4 days each year for free with outstanding attendance and our very successful Family Day also at no charge. Thanks Nicole. 

Also there was the Ken Rosewall afternoon I hope all those that attended enjoyed meeting him and spending time with our previous coach Norm Cahill and Life Member Kevin O’Connor.

Finally, I would like to say something about the Committee.

More than half have only joined the committee in the last 5 years and there is a good blend of age, experience and gender balance.

They have worked exceptionally hard as a group, in small groups and sometimes individually and they must take a lot of the credit for our terrific rating from Tennis Victoria.

Moreover, we have had very few complaints and to all intents and purposes the club is running smoothly.

Thank you


FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2015 2014/15 2013/14  
Subscription Income      
Absentee Members 540_ 700_  
Junior Members 3,720_ 2,790_  
Pensioner Members 400_ 500_  
Social/Non-Playing Members 420_ 540_  
Subscriptions Paid in Advance 220_ 0_  
Subscriptions Previous Years 0_ 0_  
Senior Members 35,915_ 36,685_  
Other Member Income      
Entrance Fees 0_ 3,000_  
Application Fees 720_ 760_  
Total Subscription Income 41,935_ 44,975_  
Other Income    
Ball Fees 443_ 288_  
Visitors Fees & Club Hire 1,237_ 1,509_  
Members Fobs 350_ 400_  
Club Shirts 0_ 80_  
Junior Coaching Fees 10,935_ 13,083_  
Court Hire - Coaching 2,600_ 2,500_  
Court Light Fees 3,020_ 1,960_  
Interest on Term Deposits 1,379_ 1,570_  
Total Other Income 19,964_ 21,390_
TOTAL INCOME 61,899_ 66,365_  
Tennis Expenses      
Affiliation & Registration Fees 155_ 1,155_  
Balls 420_ 559_  
Inter-Club Competitions 0_ 0_  
Court and Net Maintenance 1,737_ 8,212_  
Light Tokens 0_ 0_  
Junior Coaching   12,180_ 11,560_  
Trophies & Presentations 605 940  
Total Tennis Expenses 15,097_ 22,426_
Clubhouse Expenses      
Club House Supplies 3,968_ 1,566_  
Barbecue Gas 263_ 444_  
Cleaning 7,282_ 5,320_  
Repairs 0_ 437_  
Clubhouse Improvements (before credit from Asset Replacement Reserve) 13,301_ 54,679_  
Total Clubhouse Expenses 24,814_ 62,446_
Administration Expenses      
Postage, Printing & Stationery 787_ 1,516_  
Committee Expenses 920_ 655_  
Club Functions - Christmas, Rosewell 3,567_ 4,252_  
Entertainment - Pennant, Club Championships etc 113_ 1,224_  
Honorariums 1,100_ 1,200_  
Insurance - Contents and Public Liability 970_ 1,782_  
Rates, Leases & Utilities      
                             - Electricity 2,099_ 2,095_  
                            -  Council Lease Rental and Rates 1,456_ 1,425_  
                             - Water Rates 679_ 678_  
                             - Liquor Licence 211_ 215_  
Web Page Development and Hosting 512_ 650_  
Technology Upgrades 0_ 5,546_  
Software Licences and Support 2,985_ 2,732_  
Sundry Expenses 322_ 261_  
Total Administration Expenses 15,721_ 24,231_
TOTAL EXPENDITURE 55,632_ 109,103_
Transfers to/from Asset Replacement Reserve Fund      
Entrance Fees 0 0  
Transfer to Income   -45,306  
Signed By:      
FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE 2015 2014/15 2013/14  
Cash flows from Operating Activities      
Member and customer receipts 60,520_ 64,795_  
Interest Income 1,379_ 2,854_  
Payments to suppliers 55,632_ 109,103_
Net cash flows from operating activities 6,267_ -41,454
Cash flows from Financing Activities      
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of the year 46,738_ 88,192_  
Net increase/decrease in cash and cash equivalents 6,267_ -41,454  
Cash and cash equivalents at end of year 53,005_ 46,738_
Signed By:      



Albert Park Lawn Tennis Club Inc.

Treasurer’s Report for 12 months ending 30th June 2015

  • Annual Accounts 

Attached are the reviewed Statement of Income and Expenditure and Statement of Cash Flow

for the 12 month period to 30th June 2015 and the Statement of Financial Position as at 30th June 2015

together with the Reviewer’s Report. The reports have been reviewed and approved by the Committee

and certified as giving a true and fair view of the financial operations and position of the Club.


  • Comments on the Annual Accounts
    • The Club generated an excess of income over expenditure of $6,267 for the 12 months to 30th June 2015.
    • The Club’s financial position improved by the same amount. This compares to an excess of 
    • expenditure over income of $42,738 in the 12 months to 30th June 2014. The main reason for the
    • improvement was reduced capital expenditure. The major items of capital expenditure 
    • were renovations to the Clubhouse - $8.228   (Last Year  $54,679)


    • There were no transfers in or out of The Asset Replacement Reserve Fund and the fund 
    • remained with a zero balance as at 30th June 2015.


    • Total accumulated funds were $53,005 as at 30/6/15. These were represented by
    • cash and term deposits. With no substantial expenditure in the pipeline the Club 
    • is in a sound financial position. 


  • Membership
    • Subscriptions and Entrance Fees were $41,935 with 8 Junior Playing Members promoted 
    • to Senior Playing Members and 24 Junior Members moved from the Junior Waiting List to 
    • Junior Playing Members. There were 23 resignations. The current membership count is;
      • Senior Playing Members – 316
      • Honorary/Life  Members - 5
      • Junior Playing Members – 84
      • Absentee Members – 8
      • Pensioner Members – 9
      • Social Non-Playing Members – 9


    • The current Waiting List is;
      • Senior Playing – 175
      • Junior Playing -  74